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We collaborate with providers to expand your service offerings and increase your reach by tackling the challenge of treating patients with SUDs so you can focus on other important aspects of care.

Get the most for your practice and your patients with ongoing access to a virtual care team that can support patients anytime, anywhere.

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Over 20 million Americans struggle with substance use disorders.

But many providers aren’t resourced to provide ongoing, longitudinal support for patients with SUD. Learn how partnering with an innovative, technology-enabled addiction treatment solution can improve the continuum of care, helping patients get to the right level of care when they need it.

When we work together, we can improve patient health and key population outcomes.

Team-based care rooted in evidence and empathy

As your members experience life-changing moments, a caring team will consistently be there for them. Our care teams collaborate across medical, behavioral, and psychosocial dimensions of recovery to treat the whole patient.

Our care model

Evidence-based treatment

Care teams provide integrated medical and behavioral health treatment to patients, including medication treatment for opioid and alcohol use disorders.

Compassionate care

We provide unconditional support grounded in harm reduction and trauma-informed care, including support from peers with lived experience of recovery.

Accessible anywhere

Patients connect with their providers from anywhere through secure video, phone, and messaging on Boulder’s virtual care platform.

Our Care Team


Clinicians who specialize in addiction (as well as family medicine, reproductive health and psychiatric support), can prescribe medication, address co-occurring health conditions and social determinants of health, and customize care plans to each individual.

Care Advocates and Case Managers

offer expert care coordination and navigation, including helping members get into the right level of care at the right time, resolving pharmacy issues, helping with scheduling, and facilitating high-touch referrals to other providers.

Peer Recovery Specialists

are nationally certified and bring their own lived experience of recovery to guide patients in setting goals, tracking their progress, and accessing local resources.

The right level of care

Providers and Boulder partner to meet patients where they are on their recovery journey.

  • Bidirectional referrals, between healthcare professionals and Boulder, help patients get to the right level of care when they need it
  • Online access, including self-enroll, facilitates patient referrals, improves patient engagement, and reduces ED visits
  • Specialized training and resources, designed and developed in partnership with local care teams enable effective collaboration between community providers and Boulder’s Care Team

The Boulder Difference


Boulder's Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Care teams provide integrated medical and behavioral health treatment to patients, including medication treatment for opioid and alcohol use disorders.


more healthy days per month

within weeks of enrolling in Boulder


of patients work with us for 12+ months

I had a perfectly seamless consult yesterday. I was impressed, as was the patient. The patient presented in withdrawal, got an ED dose, then referred with an in-ED consult to the on-call Boulder physician.
Referring Physician, Providence ED

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Vetting Telehealth Partners

This checklist represents a compilation of key questions and considerations to help you vet prospective telehealth addiction treatment vendors. We hope this list sparks meaningful dialogue as you explore the legal, clinical, technological, and equity-related dimensions of a virtual addiction treatment partnership.