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Telehealth Addiction Treatment

Online addiction care that really cares

At Boulder, we treat people with substance use disorder (SUD) — including opioid use disorder (OUD) and alcohol use disorder (AUD) — grounded in kindness, respect, and unconditional support.

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The medicine and support you need, when you need it

No more waiting rooms or long trips to the clinic. We offer whole-person, coordinated outpatient care, including prescriptions for Suboxone and other medications for addiction treatment (MAT), delivered entirely through a secure, private app on your phone.

Opioid and alcohol addiction treatment

Comprehensive, high-quality medical care

Recovery support services

We accept dozens of public and private health insurance plans to make great care affordable, including:

The Boulder Care TEam

Your own care team, in your pocket

We’re a dedicated team of addiction medicine specialists and people with lived experience of recovery who work together to coordinate and customize your treatment plan based on the goals you set. What’s important to you is important to us  — we're here with unconditional support to help you on your terms.

We’re there when you need us, cheering you on when you don’t.

Liz Bogel Ryan, MD

Medical Director


Our clinicians have backgrounds in family medicine and psychiatry, so the same people you see for your addiction care can also take care of many of your medical needs — mental and physical.


Peer Recovery Specialist

Peer Recovery Specialists

Our Peer Recovery Specialists are living through long-term recovery themselves. They’re always ready to listen, share tactics on how to make lasting change, help you set the goals that matter most to you, and track progress.


Case Manager

Case Managers

Our Case Managers can help you with social services and any life challenges that come up for you outside of treatment. You’ve got a fighter on your side who can help find employment support, safe housing, and even talk to a parole officer for you.


Care Advocate

Care Advocates

Our Care Advocates work with you on whatever might stand in your way so you can focus on your recovery. Need help with pharmacy or insurance paperwork? Your Care Advocate can take care of that!

Affiliations, Publications & Research Partners

Our Care Model

Designed to help you become the healthiest you

Based on years of clinical expertise, proven research, and learnings from our patients, our unique model combines evidence-based treatment, dedicated care teams, and an easy-to-access digital platform — built to get you the best outcomes in the most effective, convenient way.


of patients are meeting their goals of reducing unwanted use


of patients rate their recovery progress as good to excellent


a Net Promoter Score (NPS) that is over 2x the industry average

Harm Reduction

Your safety, not our rules

We know that everyone’s recovery is different. That’s why we’ll never discharge you for missed visits, returning to use, or using other substances – we’re just here to support you and help you work towards your goals.

We put your safety and well-being above any pre-determined steps or rules, and we don’t have abstinence requirements. We’re with you no matter where your journey takes you.

Safety by your standards

Non-punitive approach

Based on your goals

Patient Testimonials

Don't take our word for it

Our patients inspire us every day — we think they'll inspire you, too.

this is the best place I have ever been to for treatment

Lisa W.

Google Play Store
You will NEVER regret making the choice to sign up with Boulder care. They literally make the whole process easy. The medical team are happy to work with you. Happy to help you. Happy and eager to resolve ANY issues. They have never made me feel judge. NEVER. like I said. Give it shot, I can promise you, you won't regret it!!!!!!

Brooke J.

Google Play Store
love love love this program and all of the practitioners. so supportive, encouraging and caring

Zollie R.

Google Play Store
boulder is perfect for me . So convenient. the care team are all so nice and understanding and really seem to care. any time I've had any issues with the pharmacy they immediately dealt with it . and have also been available when I just needed someone to talk to. I feel like a priority, boulder care makes me feel like I matter.

Yolanda B.

Google Play Store
I love this Suboxone clinic! This is what REAL addiction medicine looks like.. Forget dealing with in person clinics and the drama that goes along with those! The Boulder team rocks!

Leah F.

Google Play Store
Making the switch to Boulder Care has been one of the best decisions I've made in a really long time. If you're currently receiving MAT or suffering through any substance abuse issues, do yourself & everyone who cares about you a favor & at least check Boulder Care out. You won't regret it. You have nothing to lose & your whole life to gain! my only regret is not finding them & making the switch sooner.

Tami T.

Google Play Store
Boulder has been so supportive and essential essential in my journey to recovery. The staff has been nothing but supportive in every way and encouraging and respectful and just extremely nice. I am forever grateful for this program and everyone at boulder.

Leah D.

Google Play Store
Doctor day don't have to be a chaotic and worrisome experience anymore. Boulder care is more like a good friend than the parole office that most doctors feel like.

Eddie M.

Google Play Store
Boulder care is great it makes it so you can get a job and not have to worry about group and U.A. line love it here I have been sober 11 months ty Boulder care

Jon P.

Google Play Store
Amazing company I've had nothing but good experiences with everyone Ive talked to. I can't recommend them enough they're the best.

Jenny B.

Google Play Store


Caring doesn't stop with treatment

At Boulder, we don’t just care for our patients — we fight for the rights, dignity, and wellbeing of all people who use drugs.

Recover Your Rights is our first campaign to advocate for a new bill of rights for everyone in our community.

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Whether you’re a clinician interested in referring a patient, a health plan looking to expand MAT access for your members, or an employer wanting to offer our services to your employees — we have a team ready to help.

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