Visits Available On Demand

The Pop-in Clinic is now open to all patients!

How do on‑demand visits work?

At Boulder Care, we use a team-based approach to care for our patients, meaning you may not see the same Provider or Prescribing Clinician at every visit. Instead, you can join a virtual visit whenever it is convenient for you. 

You’ll be able to complete your Medication, Lab, Peer, and Case Manager visits in our Pop-in Clinic without pre-scheduling.

On-demand visits require some waiting while you’re in the queue, but the nice part is that you can go about your life while you wait to be seen.

We’ll send you text message updates to let you know that you are in the queue, and when your visit is ready to begin.


Pick a time that works for your day — we recommend mornings if possible.

For Peer, Lab, and Case Manager visits, simply check the app to see the hours the clinic is open and then begin.

For Medication (prescription refill) visits, we'll text you 2 days before your medication is expected to run out and remind you to come in for a visit. Jump in line anytime after your reminder — the sooner the better!


  • Choose a time when you have a window to wait for your visit. For Medication visits, we recommend 90-120 minutes to be safe. 
  • You can go about your life while you wait, but make sure you’re close to a quiet spot for when your visit is ready.
  • Mornings usually have the shortest wait times. Consider popping in before work!

Check in

In the app, you’ll see a blue banner on your homescreen that says: “Complete your First Visit” or "Join the Pop-in Clinic queue."

Click through, tell us what type of visit you are here for, and we’ll match you with the next available provider.


  • Peer, lab, and Case Manager visits are available to you anytime. Medication visits are only available after you are notified that you need to refill your prescription. 
  • For new patients, you'll see "New Patient First Visit" in your visit type list.
  • If you need a medical visit for another reason, please call us to schedule one.

Get ready

Make sure your phone is charged and find a quiet place with WiFi access so you’re ready for your visit. We may have a few tasks for you to complete while you’re waiting.

We’ll send a text message to your phone as soon as your visit is ready.


  • On-demand visits can fit into your life whenever you need! At home, at work, or anywhere. But remember that you may want privacy during the visit, so be somewhere where you can find your own space quickly. 
  • Make sure your phone is charged with enough battery while you wait in the queue so you don't lose your place!
  • Make sure your clinician can hear and see you, wherever you are, so they can conduct the visit. That’s why a quiet location is so important.

Get care

After we text you, you’ll have 2 minutes to join your visit! Open the app and start your video visit like normal.

If you are unable to join in 2 minutes, you’ll need to rejoin the queue so we can take care of another patient.


  • Keep your phone nearby while you wait in the queue! Make sure you see the text message.
  • You can always rejoin the queue later if you don’t think you’ll be able to jump into your visit quickly. There is no penalty for leaving the queue after you’ve joined.
  • NEW PATIENTS: Your first visit will happen in 2 parts. First, you'll see a Care Advocate. They’ll ask you about your medical history and pharmacy, and get you ready to see your clinician. After you see the Care Advocate, STAY IN THE QUEUE to wait to see your Clinician, who will assess your medical needs and get you your prescription if needed.


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